Truck Rental

Most Mini Storage facilities offer Rental Trucks. We don't rent trucks because we can bring the storage to you. Our Portable Storage brings a Mini Storage unit right to your driveway. You keep it for as long as you need it.

When you are done loading it, call us and we will bring it back to our storage site and hold it till you need it.

Now you've closed on your house and your ready to move into it. Call us up and we will bring it right to your new door. Take your time unloading. There is no rush or time limits, you still have the Mini for a month at a time. The small step is easy to step up into. The Steel roll up door is easy to lift and the Stainless Steel latch is extremely tough to cut and break into.

Come take a look at our Mini's, or better yet let us bring one to you.

Check out the difference!